Sawhooks and Chains | Call Me Ishmael

by Thousands of Reflections

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A download only double a-side single recorded at Random Recordings in Nottingham in September 2008 and mixed there in July 2009.

You can download the single in a choice of high quality formats for free in exchange for your email address! We'll use your email address to send any pressing news about new gigs or releases, and perhaps a link to extra special downloads if you're lucky! We won't do anything bad with it, like build an evil database or something.

Here are some kind things people have said about the single:

"...has such a groove and is so melodic that you can’t help moving to it; a really appealing and addictive quality get a seamless experience and the melodies at the core of each track are very different and distinctive ...chunky riffs, lovely vocal harmonies and the kind of guitar sound that makes you rock out trancelike, with your eyes shut. A great single from an obviously talented home grown band" Room Thirteen (Emma Gould).

"...just perfect for the current summer-to-autumn transition we're in the throes of...guitar rock at its finest, grabbing you at the first note" LeftLion issue 31 (Kristi Genovese)

"Awesome riffing gives way to angelic vocals, full of post-hardcore juxtapositions and some inspired melodies - give this Nottingham band your attention and you’ll be bowled over by their invention and potency!" (Jeremy Chick)

"TOR have pedigree – and an intriguing approach to alt-rock. Sawhooks And Chains recalls Tool and the Smashing Pumpkins, and it's a thought-provoking melody. Call Me Ishmael is equally fluent, with tinges of indie and metal that demonstrates exceptional flair." Nottingham Evening Post (Matthew Smith)

"This makes such a welcome change from the legion of ‘heavy’ bands who feel the need to growl their vocals out like a laryngitis ridden walrus." Tasty Fanzine (Shane Blanchard)


released October 1, 2009

Written by Thousands of Reflections, Daniel Snowdon & Olly Thomas.
Performed by Thousands of Reflections
Recorded and Mixed by Guy Elderfield
Mastered by the Clown of Canning Circus

Thousands of Reflections :
Adam Barnes - Vocals, Guitar
Aidan Blenkinsopp - Vocals, Guitar
Simon Curd - Vocals, Bass
James Housley - Drums




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Track Name: Sawhooks and Chains
The only lights in the dark
Are reaching from the silver arcs
Of sawhooks and chains
Stripping away our purppose
Sending heavy clouds overseas
Where the rusting crosses on the beaches lie

A thousand thoughts of gold
Lit up all the waste dumps
An old safe was left laid to waste for their sons
I won't scatter below the surface
All of the bodies can roll underneath
Take me to the crosses on the sentries side

This landscape of red and gold
Brings a peace to my heart
A peace that sleeps with silent bombs in the seas
Ticking towards destruction
All of the fear and all of this greed has ridden over all of us

I wont scatter below the surface
All of the bodies can roll underneath
Take me to the crosses on the sentries side
Track Name: Call Me Ishmael
In a perfect storm the Pequod lies listing for the shore with lunar lanes to shoulder timbers from the boulders' door.

Live like Ahab fastened or...
Live like Ahab fastened to his rail

Call me Ishmael will I be intercepted and redeemed?
With these friends it's all relief; there's no victory or defeat.
Call me Ishmael will I be begging Neptune to save me as the throes take me apart - what will they make of this heart?
Call me Ishmael but still I'll be lying with you in the deep.